Day 4 - Flight 5

Joanna Biedermann approaching target

All Results on this page are provisional (Sept. 9, 03:13).

Task 16: Fly in

  1. Beata Choma
  2. Constanca Llado-Gambin
  3. Julia Selezneva
  4. Daiva Rakauskaite

Task 17: Judge declared goal

  1. Agne Simonaviciute 
  2. Beata Choma
  3. Daiva Rakauskaite
  4. Migle Vaituleviciute

Task 18: Hesitation waltz

  1. Migle Vaituleviciute
  2. Daiva Rakauskaite
  3. Agne Simonaviciute
  4. Elisabeth Kindermann
  5. Diana Nasonova
  6. Beata Choma

[Task Data Sheet] (Updated on the airfield)

RESULTS (prov., after 18 tasks)

  1. Beata Choma
  2. Agne Simonaviciute
  3. Elisabeth Kindermann
  4. Lindsay Muir
  5. Daiva Rakauskaite
  6. Migle Vaituleviciute
  7. Kristine Vevere
  8. Sylvia Meinl

[All results]

Moniek updating the task data sheet

Joanna Biedermann
Katharina Kraeck and Ramona with marker
Competing for the medals: Beata (Tyskie), Agne and Elisabeth (green) 
Ewa (Mroz), Rita and Dolly (Session)

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