Day 2 - Flight 1

It's weather to fly. A morning flight took part, six tasks had been given:

  1. Fly in
  2. Judge declared goal
  3. Judge declared goal
  4. 3D shape task (a donut over Leszno)
  5. Hesitation waltz
  6. Fly on
[Task Data Sheet 1c]

That's HOT AIR ballooning, Ieva Skele, Latvija

  1. Agne Simonaviciute, LTU, 5040 points
  2. Elisabeth Kindermann, AUT, 4426 points
  3. Daria Dudkiewicz-Golawska , POL, 4338 points
  4. Diana Nasonova, RUS, 4103 points
  5. Migle Vaituleviciute, LTU, 3944 points

[All results]

Congratulations to Agne.

"Kissing" the kiss balloon, Kristine Vevere and Agne Simonaviciute (right)
Sylvia Meinl and the town hall of Leszno.
Leszno: Balloons, birds and bell towers.

The sun is coming out (08:24): Diana Nasonova, Ieva Skele (Latvija)

Kristne Vevere and Rita Becz (red).
Hotspot in Lezno today: The Railway Station, Agne, Ieva (Skele) and Kristine tried to study the timetables.


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